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We have buyers, we have sellers, which one are you?


If you are buying a home or investment real estate in the Cincinnati area, we can help you! We are trusted experts that know where and when to buy. 

Unlocking the Door

Multi-Family Investments

Home Information Network, Inc. and Mark V. Financial manage, own, and operate over 650 units in the Cincinnati area. We work closely with investors throughout the country to find the best rental property here in Cincinnati. We are experts in the multi-family rental market and Cincinnati is a great place to invest! The wonderful city is growing at a rate making it profitable and stable for investors.  Our goal is to find a smart and profitable investment for you.

Red Buidling


Our goal is to serve all of our clients with the best possible selling experience. We are experts in the Cincinnati real estate market and we believe that an honest and knowledgable real estate agent is the best way to sell your investment at the highest value. We pride ourself on being responsive and professional while marketing our listings. In 2022  we were involved in 92 real estate transactions, a majority of those were multi-family dwellings.


Bright and Modern Kitchen

Single Family Investments

From leasing agreements and marketing properties, to tenant screening and background check - we have it all!

Home Information Network, Inc. - we are here to make this experience exciting and easy for you.


Modern Neighborhood

Property Owners

Adhering to a higher standard, our agents not only make sure your properties and tenants are cared for but that vacant properties are marketed effectively to help ensure greater occupancy. Our approach is comprehensive and efficient.

Vacancy Listing Services

Application Processing

Rent Collection

Eviction Coordination

Marketing & Rental Property Advertising

Background Investigation

Property Upkeep & Maintenance

Accounting & Documentation

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